This weeks program is Cheryl Kramer-Milder, from the County Seat Theater. She said the theater is ready to open its 2015 season with the one act play "Old Jake's Skirts". This is the play we will be seeing at our March 13 Theater Party.



Jake, a lonely old pumpkin farmer who lives in a shack, is played by Harold Hoppin (sp?), an active 70 year old. The play also includes a dog, played by Joel Soukkala, and also includes musicians playing a fiddle, mandolin and guitar. This production, based on a children's book, has a cast of 12 with 3 in the crew. County Seat Theater is entering this play in the state festival March 21 at Dassel, MN, with 10 other entries from around the state. The state winner goes to Regionals in Michigan, and the Regionals winner goes to the National Festival. One year the County Seat Theater won the Nationals and took their show to Japan. The festival rules for one-acts include that the set has to fit in a 10' x 10' square, they have 10 minutes to set up, one hour for the play, and 10 minutes to take down. The performance we will see will be practicing their timing for the festival later this month. The County Seat Theater started in 1987. At first they were in Carlton High School for 13 years, then in the Atkinson church for 9 years, and now in the old church in Cloquet. Remember, it is not too late to sign up for our Rotary Theater Party and see "Old Jake's Skirts".