During this weeks program Ty Ganglehoff, Assistant Park Manager at Jay Cooke State Park, introduced himself. He has been at Jay Cooke since May, and before that he was the manager of the state park in Little Falls, MN. 
He and his wife and daughter live now in Two Harbors. Ty spoke informally, saying he would give us a recap of the year at Jay Cooke State Park. He brought some color prints of the park, first showing us a photo of a house the park recently purchased on Leimer Road. They are trying to figure out what to do with the house. Next, he passed around photos of repair work done as a result of the 2012 flood. They received a load of lumber to build bridges on washouts, and dug ditches. They built a viewing bench on the Munger Trail bridge in August. Another photo showed a park visitor standing very close to the edge of a rock overlooking rushing rapids. Park employees can't barricade everything, so they constantly warn visitors of safety measures when the water is up. Many visitors get cuts on their heels when they wear flip-flops. More photos showed the 100th Birthday celebration with programs and really good attendance. After showing the photos, Ty discussed a number of items relating to the park; upcoming programs, races through the park, Carlton Daze, Paddle mania, increase in campsite visitors, and vehicle permit sales. Asked about the reopening of Highway 210, Ty said this year the work centered on stabilization and measure benchmarks. The word is that the highway would be open by late fall 2016. Ty added that his job is to take a car and make morning rounds at the campground, checking for extra vehicles at the sites and dogs off leash.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin.