Tim Krohn talking about the Pine Valley Mountain Biking TrailsFor today's speaker, Ron Hanson brought Tim Krohn, an organizer of various events and fundraising for the Pine Valley Trail System, to talk a little about the Pine Valley plans to expand the already existing mountain bike trails which will include new sections of Pine Valley. 
Throughout the year, this beautiful park hosts a variety of activities that are separate from the Pine Valley Ice Arena and Cloquet Recreation Center.  Although there are many locals who frequent the park throughout the year, it's not just the locals who come to visit this unique location, we also have visitors from other states and other countries who come and participate in the skiing and ski jumping, snowmobiling, hiking, cross country running, and mountain biking trails and events.  Upkeep of the park trails and additions to the trails are often done through a coordinated effort that includes donations from the surrounding cities and communities, businesses, and organizations, such as the Wood City Riders who maintain many of the winter trails.
Many of the activities throughout the park happen to be coordinated with the help of Tim Krohn.  Tim, has been working hard to promote many of the activities throughout the park and is currently raising funds to extend the mountain bike trails.  Taking advantage of unique features in the park, plans have already been drawn up and are ready to be started, the only thing holding everything up is the final donations, which is being tackled through grant writing and community support.  
Thanks for the great presentation Tim, the Rotary Club of Cloquet is very happy we can help you with this project.