Rick Breuer introduced our speaker, Jeff Brown, by saying that until recently, Cloquet Memorial Hospital and the nursing home had the same administrator. Now Sunnyside has its own administrator, Jeff Brown. 
Jeff gave his background, starting elementary school at Leach school in Cloquet, where he was a grade school swim team champion. Then he attended Garfield and Washington schools in Cloquet. He has been at Sunnyside for one and a half years, and has worked in long term care for 37 years. When he was in high school, he took care of his grandparents, and found a purpose in life. He started working as a nursing assistant in Eveleth. Today he's back in Cloquet.
Nursing homes today are focused on quality. Sunnyside is funded about 75% by Federal and State governments, and they require accountability in the form of a report card. Jeff handed out Sunnyside's report card and reviewed it with us. They are tested on several Domains, such as comfort, environment, privacy, dignity, activity, food, autonomy, individuality, security, relationships, satisfaction and mood. Sunnyside rated 75% and above on all Domains, with an overall rating of 85.8%. Sunnyside provides 5.9 hours of staff care per patient per day, which is average in Minnesota.
Future plans for Sunnyside are to build a new facility. Jeff's dream would be to have a one story building among the Norway pines by the river, connected to the hospital by a glass skywalk. Currently, they are working on a performance improvement project, including pain management alternatives, such as exercise, stretching, warm blankets, low lights. They now have a Hauska room, a fun room, which in Swedish means merry or happy. They are also working on improving the quality of oral care, especially for patients with dentures. Sunnyside is fortunate to be attached to the hospital since they share services and staff. Thank you, Jeff, for your update!