Andy French introduced Deputy Sheriff Tory Cawcutt, from the Canine Unit in the County Sheriff's Department. 
Andy said he grew up in Carlton, where the Sheriff's Department recently restarted its Canine Unit after a big fundraiser. The dog he trains is called Roman, a German Shepherd from Slovakia. They got the dog when it was 18 months old, a green dog that wasn't yet housetrained. They spent 4 weeks together in the Twin Cities for training, then he brought Roman home to live with him, his wife and 2 young sons. After more training, Roman was certified last June for drug detection and criminal apprehension. Next, he brought Roman in for a demonstration. Roman never took his eyes off Tory and obeyed every command. He found the drugs that Tory hid in the room, and signaled his find by sitting down. Roman can detect 10 different odors. Roman is the 5th dog in Carlton County's drug training program, is now 3 years old and still a bundle of controlled energy. At the end of each workday, they both go home together, where Roman has quarters in the garage and outdoor kennel. Roman is a great partner to Tory, and truly an asset to the Sheriff's Department.