Program: Ross Peterson came to the podium, introducing himself as the president of the Cloquet Economic Development Authority (EDA). The function of the EDA is to provide opportunities for economic development in the Cloquet area. 
They have loan funds for people with financial needs, grants for property improvements, and resources for new business start ups. A study done a year ago showed a shortage of housing in the area. Two housing projects EDA is currently working on are the Cloquet Middle School and Aspen Arms. The middle school was approved for 50 apartments and work will start in the fall of 2017. The Aspen Arms project starts sooner in June 2017 with 30 units planned. EDA has an office growth website and they promote new businesses to come to Cloquet. They work with the Cloquet City Council to develop the Cloquet Business Park at the NW corner of Highway 33 and the Stark Road. Already the Friends of Animals plans to develop its new shelter there. EDA is a member of the Duluth and Cloquet Area Chamber of Commerce. They support businesses in the Cloquet area to build up the tax base. Some of our Rotary members currently serve on the Board with Ross: Russ Smith and Steve Micke. Also some Cloquet Rotarians have served in the past: Ron Hanson and Mike McKinney. EDA works with Holly Butcher at City Hall, who sets the agenda and priorities for the group. Right now they are working on rehabilitating old housing in Central Cloquet, south of Cloquet Avenue past Carlton Avenue, from 3rd to 10th Streets. After a lively round of questions, Ross finished up early, leaving us with a greater understanding of the needs and opportunities for our community.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin