President Rich introduced his guest, Randy Maus, originally from Cloquet and now on vacation from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he works as a coaching leader for highly effective teams. 
Randy added that some of our Rotarians might know his mother, Kathy Maus, who was a club member for many years. First, Randy reminisced about growing up in Cloquet, being a Cloquet High School Lumberjack, singing in the Madrigals, playing basketball, and performing in school musicals. Then he went to Bemidji State University and became a Beaver, where he met his wife of 20 plus years and they worked as Residents on campus. They went to Western Illinois and became Leathernecks, where he pursued the same career, followed by becoming a Resident Bobcat at West Virginia Weslyan. From there he applied to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, got the job, and became a Dyno, short for dinosaurs. Over the years he developed his own business of providing a leadership role, developing leaders, and encouraging great mentors. In 2016, huge wildfires in Alberta forced refugees from their homes and he pulled all his resources together by providing temporary shelter for 1,400 people in the college dorms. His enthusiasm for inspiring leaders and teamwork in crises was remarkable.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin