Today's program was a Business Meeting with a Power Point program prepared and delivered by Ralph Hamann about the financial status of our club. He showed with graphs how the cash balance has been declining over the last 4 years. 
This is due to our decline in fundraising efforts. We currently have 3 fundraisers for the club: Rotary Roses, Color Run, and Peach Sale. Over the last few years, the Rose sales have been steady, the Color Run is growing because it is new, but the Peach sales are down. As a result, our expenditures have gone down. The largest portion of our donations go for the Jr. Rotarian program. Also the Literacy program has grown. Jim Prusak added that when we dropped Hook & Slice as a fundraiser, our fundraising income dropped a lot. Ralph concluded that we can all help by participating in our fundraisers, and by exploring other fundraising opportunities. We congratulated Ralph on an excellent Power Point, giving clear visual aids to help us understand our challenges and how we can help.