A fundraiser coming to life was the topic of the program today. Phyllis Rousseau introduced our speaker, Jim Barry, the owner of the Pine Hill Golf Course in Carlton, MN. His topic was a popular new sport called FootGolf. This is also a potential fundraiser for the Cloquet Rotary club.
He talked on some of the wonderful aspects of FootGolf, such as it is a sport that everyone in the family can participate in, young and old alike. This is played much like regular golf without all the expensive equipment, all you need is a soccer ball (which are available at the course if you do not have your own). There are only a few courses in the Twin Cities that offer it and Pine Hill is the only local opportunity. If the club would like to proceed with this event, this would be the first FootGolf tournament (that Jim is aware of). Jim is very supportive of our effort and has even offered to forego his green fees, in the event we choose to proceed with this fundraiser. He also offered any Rotarians an opportunity to try FootGolf at his course at no cost, just to get a feel for this new sport (just let them know you are part of the Rotary Club when getting a tee time). We could get in the ground floor of an exciting new fundraiser without plowing snow or planting several hundred trees. Phyllis Rousseau has offered to lead this fundraising event.
Excerpts taken from this week's RotaryLog that was written by Ron Hanson, Emergency Editor!