Jack Lane introduced Jennifer Hall, Brady Hall and Caleb Essler, from the Cloquet Skate Park group. 
First, Brady and Caleb came forward to tell us that the organization started in 2012 by raising money to build a new skate park in Cloquet. In 2014 the group gave a plan to the Carlton County Board and the Cloquet City Council, and began spreading the word on Facebook and through interviews and news outlets. Athletic Park on 14th Street was chosen as the site and the city signed a contract with an architect to design a skate park on the site. Two designs, one with and one without a bowl, would cost $320,000 or $260,000 respectively. Jennifer joined the boys and added the city might give financial support and the organization has raised $8,000 so far. They need to raise the rest and are gathering letters of support. The city will vote at the end of March. We wish them every success in bringing this recreational opportunity to the city!