Cliff Langley showed us a power point about the benefits of adventure recreation, which focus on physical challenges, excitement, and risk. 
It benefits people by being fun, economical, educational, builds teamwork, and adds to health and well being. It also benefits our economy by bringing in billions in consumer spending and creates jobs. He asked us if we get enough exercise and if we exercise outside. In nature, your mind gets cleared and you can challenge yourself, similar to the Finnish SISU. Remember, recreation means we re-create our health and well-being with outdoor exercise. Next, Cliff asked for 2 volunteers and Paul and Ron stepped up to the plate. They each got a paddle and had to sit in a chair in front of the big screen, while Cliff showed them a virtual whitewater rafting trip, thrills, spills and all. Amazingly, they survived the adventure and paddled their way safely to the end, while Judy Poss cheered them on. You, too, can benefit from adventure recreation, Cliff concluded.