Five Jr. Rotarians presented a Power Point program about Camp RYLA.
Holly McGill gave an introduction and explained what RYLA is, or has meant to her. Dylan told us about what happens at RYLA, such as making a fort from scratch, making cookies without a recipe, and the ice cream contest. Marie Osuna filled us in on fun activities and experiences, like tornado drills and real tornadoes and volunteering to hand out roses. Haley Sonneman and others discussed what they remember one year after RYLA: accepting people as they are, being yourself, not missing home, developing leadership skills, and making lasting friends. Finally Erin Generau concluded with her first impressions and how she learned to seek first to understand, then to be understood; listening is an important part of communication. Nathan and Paige led us in the Four-Way Test, then adjourned the meeting. Good job, Jr. Rotarians!