Chris Correia asked the RYLA campers to introduce themselves and tell us about their experiences at Camp RYLA. 
Karlie Kulas went first, saying she is from Esko and camp RYLA helped her meet people, gave her a safe environment, made her feel welcome, and expand herself. She hopes to take back leadership techniques such as listening to her role as soccer captain.
Haley Sonneman, also from Esko, enjoyed making new friends, handing out flowers to everyone, even a policeman across the street, who she jay walked to, and he safely escorted her back.
Logan Bettencourt, from Cloquet, thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to attend, and liked handing out roses at the nursing home and talking to residents, liked the FISH video since he works at a butcher shop, and learned about having a good attitude and not feeling sorry for yourself.
Frances Slater, also from Cloquet, got a lot from the leadership sessions, such as listening more. She also enjoyed packing boxes for the food shelf and making an assembly line to make efficient work. She described a game or exercise where everyone was divided into 2 groups and each given a different language and culture as their own, then trying to interact.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin
It was one of the best weeks of their lives and popped their bubbles a lot. They got outside their comfort zones and learned not only how to be a better leader, but a better person. Pres Judy gave each RYLArian a club banner and said their talk made her cry twice. They had such heartfelt and life changing stories.