Chad Spillers introduced our speaker, Don Liimatainen, representing the Best Christmas Ever organization, also known as BCE. 
Don told his personal story of his serious illness and not having presents for his family for Christmas Eve. It was the worst Christmas ever. Then his parents and grandmother arrived with a bag of gifts, and it became the best Christmas ever. Don wanted to pay it forward somehow and when his health improved, he remembered Mother Teresa's words that if you can't feed 100 families, feed one family. So he and a partner decided to do just that. They went to a radio station and found 22 families that were nominated and the radio audience picked a winner. They loaded up a car with a huge turkey dinner and delivered it for their first Best Christmas Ever. That was 2011. It grew each year and now is up to 51 families. Next, Don showed us a video of one of last year's families, a struggling young couple with a child who has leukemia and $17,000 in debt. They got more than dinner, they got gifts and a new oven, supplied by small businesses, and friends' benefits helped pay down some bills. The couple said it was a life changing experience and they can't wait to do it for others. Check out BCE's Facebook page or website for more about this unique organization.