Tyler and Carter Northey announced that today's program was everyone's chance to play Jeopardy on the big screen. Each of the 5 tables constituted a team, competing for top scores in these categories: Millennials, Slang, Sports, Rotary History, and Current Events. Each team could choose a category for 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 points. We started out with a number of wrong answers and got many negative points. Then we smartened up with final points of Team One = 200, Team 2 = - 800, Team 3 = 0, Team 4 = -900, Team 5 = 800. So Team 5 was the big winner and the rest of us were such gracious losers. But, as our Northey twins said, "It isn't about winning or losing, it's how you play the game that counts." Thanks, Jr. Rotarians for a fun Taco Tuesday!
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin