Earl Rogers came to pay a visit about the rotary foundation, and together we helped get 12 people to their Paul Harris!!
Earl Rogers – District Endowment Fund Chair (Past District Governor 1988-89, Skyline Chartering Member & 1 st President and so much more). A true Rotary legend addressed our November 15th meeting and he inspired us again as he has for many Novembers past. His message over those years’ remains resolute. Earl has an unwavering passion for the Rotary Foundation and the knowledge of the need to instill that spirit upon others within Rotary. Jim Prusak as Cloquet Foundation Chair, after introducing our speaker, continually tallied the results of Earl’s efforts. Earl explains through his example, the power and joy that can be found within Rotary service. He joined Rotary because “I needed to pay the rent for that space I had taken up for years. I’ll never get it paid, it keeps going and I do it now through the Foundation”. Earl challenges the limits we put upon ourselves in giving. He asks us to question ourselves; “did we give what we could, could we have done more, do we really believe in it or did we do only what was thought should be done as a Rotarian”. His concern extends now into what happens when we are gone? The money stops. It shouldn’t stop. Join the Permanent Fund, and keep giving even after you’re gone. We are all getting older and we don’t know the day we will have to stop doing all things, it doesn’t have to be this too. The Earl Rogers miracle happened again with seven new Paul Harris Fellows being created during our meeting today. By a combination of club incentives, donated member points and cash, we welcome Judy Poss, Jennifer Graham, Rich Bruns, Karen Smith, Bill Rothmeier, Phyllis Rousseau & Cal Langevin.