President Chris presented a program about Rotary Grants, after recently attending a power point presentation along with Dorine Houck. He said Rotary has 3 types of grants available for clubs to apply for: 1. Global Grants, 2. District Grants, and 3. World Service Grants. 


The first type, Global Grants, are large grants for international projects. It has to be at least a $30,000 project, where Rotary will match $15,000 minimum. The second type, District Grants, provides funds from the District which come from the Rotary Foundation. These include community or small international projects, which require $8,000 per club, where more than one club can join on a project. These grants can be matched up to $16,000. Finally, the third type, World Service Grants, include smaller international projects which are matched dollar for dollar. If our club is interested in applying for one of these grants to start July 1, we can meet with a Rotary Grant mentor to see if our project ideas meet the criteria. We have discussed building a gazebo in Fauley Park that might augment the train shelter the city has proposed. Other ideas are welcome. With money available, we have many options we could pursue.                               


Photo: Fauley Park with Duluth & Northeastern Engine 16 (courtesy CCHS)