On Tuesday, July 3, ten loyal, but uninformed, Rotarians and guests met at Evergreen to find a hearty luncheon, but no meeting. Allen Anway, our official Cloquet Rotary Club Visiting Rotarian from Duluth Club #25, was the first to arrive. 
Then Rachael Martin came next, greeting Allen and wondering where everyone was. Allen was already enjoying the meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed garden vegetables, salad and assorted desserts, so Rachael helped herself when Jennifer Shepherd arrived, wondering where everyone was. By then, Terri Langevin zipped through, explaining that she just found out the meeting was cancelled today, but she made lots of food, so we should help ourselves, which we did. Nice blue and white checked tablecloths decorated the room and we all sat together chatting and eating. Next came Cal Langevin, Terri's husband and Operations Manager of Evergreen, followed by Kayla McCambridge, Evergreen's Office Assistant. Kayla held 8 week old Brayden Bober, who was fast asleep. Two RN's from Evergreen arrived next, Melissa Sorensen and Anna Constance MacRae, who graciously acted as coffee lady, offering everyone a fresh, hot cup. Finally, Connie Kalli, Evergreen's Activity Director, joined us for dinner and conversation. Sitting together, enjoying the meal, our conversation grew more lively. Terri told us the story of her two black eyes behind the blue sunglasses, the same story she told the Evergreen residents, about her wrestling match with a bear that she put a stop to, coming down from the hill. Allen told us his 4th of July plans to take a trip with his wife to middle Michigan and return in a few days via the ferry across Lake Michigan, pictured below. That's why he was making-up today in Cloquet. Jennifer told us about her ten year old son, Andrew, who has a habit of excitedly running the bases at his baseball games. The coach told Andrew to run in a straight line and stop "dancing" from base to base. We decided on some business for the club: All the Rotarians present today should get attendance credit since we did meet at the published place at the published time. We also discussed a new membership campaign that we offer Diet Coke, free puppies and babies present at meetings. This might need thinking through. Our last order of business was to select a person to present a program for today. Everyone voted for baby Braden to be the speaker, but he just slept through the whole meeting. After 50 minutes of fun and fellowship, the meeting must have adjourned as everyone just finished up and left.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin