Pres Ralph asked Rich Bruns to come to the podium to welcome guests and describe this week's program. After saying that Rotary is the best kept secret in town, Rich introduced our program which will describe all the things our club does for our community and beyond. 
(Photo: Lawrence Fauley, from CCHS Archives)
Pres Ralph then showed a brief video "Our Vision of Rotary" explaining the global goals of Rotary through the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation started in 1917 with just $65 and now does good throughout the world, including the campaign to put an end to polio and developing an international study program after WWII. Pres Ralph added that our club does good work locally with youth and veterans, and he called upon Julie Rothmeier to describe our Literacy program, now in its 10th year in our club. Phyllis Rousseau spoke next about the Jr. Rotarian Program she and Terri Langevin are involved in. Pres Ralph added that Judy Poss started our Homeless program to provide clothing for homeless children. Chad spoke about the fundraiser for veterans that he and Julie spearheaded, and Julie added that in the past our club helped build 4 houses in Honduras. Paul filled us in on the Color Run 5K race fundraiser in Pine Valley, and Pres Ralph concluded by explaining that our club adopted Fauley Park as a project to beautify and paint the train. Then Ron added that Lawrence Fauley was a charter member of our club. Rachael adds that Fauley was the Cloquet depot agent who successfully evacuated 8,000 people during the 1918 fire. Rich concluded our program by saying that Rotarians are like minded people who give back to their community. 
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin