Ryan Micke substituted with a talk about our Club's Social Media Presence. A show of hands revealed that about half of our club members use Facebook. 


Ryan offered to come to the offices of those of us who don't use Facebook to show us what it's all about. According to Ryan, Facebook is the biggest form of social media in our area. The heaviest users are between age 22 and 49, the perfect age group to attract as club members. Facebook is a great way to reach out to people who don't know what Rotary is all about. Websites only go so far and don't have the interaction that Facebook does. Why should we use Facebook for Rotary? To engage, to inform and to tell of special events of our club. A "like" on Facebook is a way for people to open a door and see more about our club. A few years ago our club set up a Facebook account, but it was set up wrong. Now Ryan has completed migrating the old Facebook to a new Facebook. So far the new club Facebook has accepted 2000 "likes". Now these people can share our club's information on their Facebook accounts. Ryan says there is no better way to get information out about our club. It is so easy to spread the word. Just email Ryan at Rotary@218websites.com and he will share our posts. Someday we might have a club committee devoted to Social Media, Ryan hopes.