Today President Chris filled in for a speaker cancelation and showed us online videos of Rotary Youth Exchange experiences. The first video called "A Fabulous Experience" gave us a historical perspective of Rotary Youth Exchange programs.
Back in 1962, an Australian Rotarian, who was a wounded WWII veteran, brought the first Youth Exchange program to Australia. A young woman named 
Yoko from Japan had the opportunity to study in high school in Australia for a year. It was such a memorable experience for her and the Australian Rotary Clubs, that the program has grown and flourished and enriched the lives of all those involved. 
The second video included interviews with parents of Youth Exchange students and hosts of Youth Exchange incoming students. In some cases the hosts and families became Rotarians because of their experience and remained involved in Youth Exchange programs for many years. Thanks, President Chris, for sharing these informative videos as a follow-up to the programs presented at this year's District Conference in Duluth.