Program: Darin Davidson and Tyler Chicos, two of our Jr. Rotarians from Esko High School, presented the program. 




Darin went first. He gave a dramatic narrative of an exciting game, which introduced his topic of baseball. Next he explained how his interest and skill  in baseball developed from an early age when he started playing with his Dad and brother. He learned that practice, practice, practice made his hard work pay off. Soon he was getting into competitive baseball and was totally enthralled with the sport. He learned that you can base your life on lessons learned in baseball, such as keeping a short memory. Overall, Darin says he has discovered that people don't have any bad days, only bad moments. After high school, he plans to major in Pharmacy at UMD. Will he try out for the baseball team? Hope so! 

Tyler spoke next about the activity he is most proud of, his role in his school's fundraising campaign to support St. Jude's Children's Hospital. He's been involved with St. Jude's fundraising for 3 years, the last 2 years as president. His responsibility as president is to supervise all the fundraising efforts. During his term, the Elementary School coin donations tripled in his first year and quadrupled in his second year as president. This year the total coins in change from the Elementary School was over $2,900. The Trike and Bike-a-thons raised $12,000. A new idea he put forth was going paperless and doing the fundraising on the internet. Why does he do this? Tyler feels it is his civic responsibility to help those in need, especially children. After high school, he will attend school in Mankato and major in Business Management and Finance. Is this a good fit, or what?