This week the Junior Rotarian's from Cloquet High School gave their speeches.
The speeches began with Morgan Babineau. She gave a PowerPoint presentation on Seat Belt Safety. Using her own recent car accident on Nov 7, 2015 as an example, she warned us of the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. Most accidents happen to teens at night with other teens on weekends, which was all true in  her case. She is recovering from concussion and shock.
Next, Jacob Belden talked about the benefits of deer hunting. Not only does it keep the deer population stable, but it makes it possible for the deer to have an adequate amount of food. He and his family love hunting, and it's a win-win for both the deer and the hunters.
Ali Chalberg spoke next about her Rainbow Car story. She drives a 98 Toyota that her father offered to paint. She asked for a purple hood, then it evolved into a 7 color car, which reflects her colorful personality. In fact her room, clothes and accessories are multi-colored, which makes people smile. She learned at Camp RYLA to be a Fruitloop in a bowlful of Cheerios.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin.