The first Jr. Rotarian speaker, Haley Sonneman, an Esko student, spoke about Jr. Ski Patrol, her biggest volunteer commitment. This is the 4th year she has volunteered for Jr. Ski Patrol, finding it exciting to provide emergency medical services and ski all day at Spirit Mountain. She's learned how to handle herself under pressure and be part of a team.

Next, Amarissa Skagerberg from Cloquet HS told us about the thrill of being part of CHS Madrigals acapella choir. She had hoped for years to become part of the group, starting choir in 5th grade. When she auditioned and found she made the cut, she was really excited. Their first concert went fine except for the fire alarm, and singing for the elderly in assisted living residences made her realize the special joy singing brings.

Taylor Kohn, also from Cloquet HS, told us about her personal struggle with an unhappy home situation. She lived with her mom and unofficial stepdad and step siblings, where abuse, arrests, fighting, and crying were normal. Her resolve was to become a high achiever. She tried volleyball in middle school, took band in high school and has played ever since. Her anxieties and depression are better now with therapy.
Finally, Anika Aili spoke about her first mission trip last summer to Nashville. She was scared to leave her family and electronics at home, but got to know new people. It was good to learn to relax, but a challenge to survive the heat. Her favorite part was helping people with laundry, delivering food,
community gardening, and working on an assembly line. She is grateful for the experience to meet and help others.