Terri Langevin introduced Hailey Ulvi, who presented her Jr. Rotarian speech for the program. The theme of Hailey's speech was "Find Your Light", which is an expression used in theater.
Hailey has been involved in numerous theater productions at school since she was in 5th grade. She recalled her first play and the thrill of taking a bow and receiving applause for the first time. From that moment on, she was hooked on theater. Sometimes in a play you feel as if you are "lost in the light", she explained. Just imagine how focused actors are when the spotlights only illuminate what is on stage and the audience is an unseen void out there. But, Hailey said, when the play is over and you are taking your bows, you really connect with the audience and feel as if you are "at home" or at one with the audience. After the acting stops, she says, we feel safe again. Over the years, Hailey realized that theater has taught her to become a leader, to accept criticism, and to feel closer to the community. Theater has been her inspiration, her path to "Finding her Light".