During this weeks program President Ryan called on Allen Anway to give a presentation on the Rotary Foundation. Allen said his talk was divided into 2 parts. 
Part 1 started in 1968 with the invention of the Jaipur Knee. A person in India designed an artificial foot that wasn't selling well until another person from India helped him market it with the help of Rotary. Within 24 hours patients could now receive a new limb, have a place to stay and eat, also accommodations for their companion, and return trip home. Now the Jaipur Knee is available worldwide thanks to Rotary's help. These are the kind of projects Rotary International has adopted. 
Part 2 started in 1982 when Allen joined Club #25.  His own observation of the Rotary Foundation program started when he heard Don Shank, CEO of DM&IR RR, speaking about Rotary's Polio Plus and waving the crutch that his son who had polio had to wear. The Rotary Foundation was going to attack polio around the world. Now the goal is to eliminate polio altogether. It is very hard to get rid of polio, since one airplane ride can spread it anew. Allen was surprised when a younger Rotary member recently asked, "What is polio?" Allen lived through it since he was born in 1941 in Cloquet, and as a child kids couldn't go swimming at Park Point for fear of contracting polio. President Roosevelt contracted polio when he was at a beach, so people thought it was water born. Kids weren't allowed to play with other kids , fearing the unknown. Allen showed us a photo of iron lungs, machines that helped polio victims breath. Thankfully those days are over due to all the Rotarians who support Rotary Foundation's effort to end polio now. This is Rotary Foundation month, and your chance to join and be part of the solution.
Excerpts taken from the Cloquet Rotary log, edited by Rachael Martin.